Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Why Trump?

*note to anyone in this room who supports Trump… I am not trying to offend you. This is simply a question that I have wondered about ever since Trump started gaining steam*

There are big groups in this world that believe in things that I believe are terrible and awful. There are multiple terrorists groups that believe in killing people if they are not the same religion as them. There are people who think that men deserve more than women. There are even people that think eating their baby is an okay thing. Now, this is not meant to hate on anyone's beliefs, but why people think like they do has always puzzled me. So much that I wish I could speak to infamous people like Hitler, and Osama bin Laden simply to ask them about their beliefs. This year's presidential race has brought some of the most hated candidates in United States history. Hundreds upon thousands of people think this year's race is a joke. Yet, many others strongly believe one of these candidates will bring reform to America.

Donald Trump is a man that puzzles me to no end. Personally, I do not see him as a candidate well suited to run this country. At first I honestly saw him a joke, Trump started with a less than 20% approval rating. But now he is neck in neck with one of the countries most seasoned politicians. Why? Is a question I find that comes to my mind a lot when thinking of Trump supporters. What do you see in him? Now, Trump is not thinking about killing 69% of the world's population. But he does have some pretty interesting ideas, and some a pretty interesting ways of voicing them. Amongst these included calling anyone who tries to question him “ a loser”, personally attacking people on his social media, and in his speeches. Honestly I think he goes about things in a very childish way. So I set out to find out what people see in this presidential candidate? Many people gave many different answers, but these were the ones that stuck out to me the most.

*no names were attached to the quotes

Some like this man, don’t necessarily support Trump, they just don’t like the world- “Like the joker from The Dark Knight, I just want to see the world burn.”

Others look to him because they see leadership skills-  “He leads an enormous, diversified organization that is worth billions. This requires leadership. Leadership, by the way, is different from knowledge. When you lead a large organization you set vision, goals and expect results. You do not know every detail of every level of your organization. You can’t. The world is just too complicated. You delegate and empower. You can get information when you need it and the president has no shortage of people ready to educate him on issues.”

One person sees famous reformers in Trump- “Think about John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan inspiring the world with leadership. Think of Babe Ruth, Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Rogers. The American 20th Century was a great one. Now think about the American headlines of today. What do you think of? War? Poverty? Political division? Do we see greatness in America still on a daily basis or even in the movies? The Trump Family is the picture of the American Dream … When Donald Trump says that he wants to make America great again, I believe him.”

So my questions are… What do you think people see in Donald Trump? Are you a Trump supporter? Do you think Donald Trump could get the jobs he says he's going to get done, done? Do you see greatness when I see failure?

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Controling Our Reality... Media's "Big 6" Own Our World

Comcast, Walt Disney, and News Co. All three of these are known as “ media conglomerates”, they own lists hundreds of items long of other media outlets. Some of the items you wouldn’t even remotely connect to the organization. For example, Disney owns everything ESPN, which is a sports channel. A sports channel is a far cry from Disney related media. But these conglomerates will stop at nothing to own everything. In 1983 50 conglomerates controlled our media, today that number is a staggeringly small 6 conglomerates. These conglomerates are always looming over our heads, essentially controlling our reality.

These conglomerates, like every single other thing, can be protested against. But not without consequences. New stations that cover national and international news that aren't controlled by one of these conglomerates are few and far between. They really don’t exist, so if you want to stand up to these large conglomerates by not watching what the own…. Well, have fun in your bubble my friends, because that's what you'll be living in. The conglomerates have taken hold of something none of us want to give up, our media. If we try to take them down, we take away media from ourselves. For example, if people stopped watching Disney because it is a “ conglomerate” we would cause a plethora of big name movie, tv, and radio stations to fail. Leaving us ‘ medialess’. So, we do have all the power in the world to stop them, but in reality we never will.  

It seems as though many people have caught on to the fact that we love media ( not that it's not blatantly obvious) so many organizations have started up their own forms of media. This has cause there to be hundred upon thousands of different places to get your news. This creates some confusion on what sites are trustworthy and which ones are not. Yes, there have been some sites that have made a name for themselves by being trustworthy. But what if one site, which is also very trustworthy, says something different than your site? It leaves us all wondering, what is even true? Yet, we invest so much into our site, we tell ourselves this site is right this site knows what's going on. Because if we didn’t, if we doubted everything, why should we even have a media at all?

A lot of Americans like to seem like they are on the right side of everything. We don't want to seem like we are a bad or stupid person. That's why we say we want hard news, but secretly read gossip. Why we always make our news year resolution to lose weight. Why politicians make a habit out to always “ kiss babies and shake hands”. Why most people would say “ media conglomerates are bad”, but go home and watch TV stations controlled by them. Yes, the idea of these media conglomerates seem bad and even kind of scary. But something we Americans also like, is quality media. And without these giant conglomerates we wouldn’t get that.

On the flip side, yes we get very high quality media these days, but it is all controlled by a singular corporation. These corporations are controlling the world kids these days grow up in. No matter what your beliefs, if you let your children watch TV or listen to the radio, chances are you're letting your kid watch or listen to something owned by this media conglomerate. And whatever you own you get to control, right? This applies to the conglomerates also. 6 corporations are controlling the media world. What your kids see, and what they believe. This is extremely dangerous, because the can control what whole countries believe in. The can make or break our presidential candidates, if they hate someone they can post something about them that ruins that person's image, they can make us believe something that is entirely false. And of this is simply because they own the biggest thing that shapes what people believe , the media.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mainstream News Please Stick to Mainstream News

Satire without a doubt is one of the most important things in the realm of media. The people who watch satirical news to catch up on what's going on in the world are the most informed. It makes people laugh, when in reality its masking something deeper. Its poking fun at everything wrong with this world. But the thing about this wonderful piece of literature is that it needs something to poke fun at.

Yes, there always will be a target for satire. There's always going to be some stupid person to make fun of, societies to mock,  but the main target of satirical news is well, news. It's the solemn faced reporters telling us in their monotone voices the same facts as the news source on the other channel. Satirical news gives us facts about what is going on in the world in a way that is funny. But the funny part only comes at the expense of mainstream news sources.

One of the big questions is whether mainstream news should start taking after the daily show. There have been multiple articles on what main stream news can learn from the Daily Show., and many people have said they would rather watch the Daily Show then mainstream news. But my answer to that question is no. For one I think it would be extremely painful to try and watch some of today's news anchors be funny. Number two, the mainstream news is what makes satirical news so popular, and so impactful . Without CNN’s flawed reporting Jon Stewart wouldn’t have had anything to take a stand about.

Satirical news is an amazing tool, for some people it's just a comedy hour with facts about the world. Others who don’t get the fact that Satirical news is a joke find themselves greatly offended thinking that the reporter is a crazy lunatic with no regards to other humans( those should not be people who watch satire.)  But some really see what the news is trying to say, what it's really trying to poke fun at, and those should be the people who carry on the satire torch. Satire is something that will never be the same for anyone. But if very few of the right people with stuff to poke fun at, it can affect everyone in a extraordinary way, even if that person is too blind to see it.  

Friday, April 15, 2016

Why care about news?

I am a very noisy person. I love knowing what's going on in this crazy world, and what's going on with my friends. I love reading/watching news because of this personality trait. But the news is a terrible place, a place where you are told that the world is full of war and destruction. You realize that you're sitting in this beautiful high school reading about people who have nothing, and you are reading about them on an expensive desktop, and to top it all of there's not a lot you can do to help them. You read stories about girls who are younger than you who have been kidnapped, separated from their parents, and people have even tried to use them as suicide bombers. That is why the news sucks, and why sometimes even noisy me doesn’t want to watch the news.  

Many different people have many different opinions as to what should be considered news. defines it as “ new, noteworthy information”, and I agree with this definition. That's exactly what I think of when someone says news. But more often than not, news agencies only put in the stories that portray the world as an awful place, and this causes people to think the world is only full of war. Sometimes agencies sometimes add in what people would call a “fluff story”, and people don’t necessarily always like them. They say that those 2 minutes of seeing a heroic dog retrieving a girls precious doll could be used to learn more about that fatal car crash. In reality though, you're just going to get two more minutes of sadness, two more minutes of facts about a person's death. That fluff story can make someone's day, something that someone’s death can not. It may not be the most noteworthy thing ever, but it can remind us that there is still goodness in this world.

No one can argue that the news isn’t important, without it everyone in this world would be in a bubble, only aware of what is going on in their own life. No one would know anything. Humans would lack emotions that make us human, and everyone would be worse off. The news is where you heard about the girls in Nigeria who need help, and that's what caused you to start that fundraiser to send them food. The news is where you heard about that little boy who is suffering from cancer, and that's what inspired you to run that marathon to help fund pediatric cancer research. The news as sad and as awful as it sometimes is is what often drives human compassion.

People often ask, why care about the news? Its others people business, other people's problems. I often ask myself that same question, why do you care so much? I’ve realized why I care as I was writing this blog. Listening to the news, and other people's stories makes me know that the world is bigger than myself. This planet has so many stories, and I don’t feel so isolated when I hear about them. Yes, there is sad and awful things happening, but doesn’t that make you want to do something for them? Or at least be grateful for what you have. News is behind everything, the reason every movement works, the reason for organizations like feed my starving children, because the news is what brought these stories to life.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


This is a world of choice, and according to J.P Standre “ we are our choices. This is true these days more than ever. Our choice in clothes, our choice of friends, our choice of habits. Everything in our lives comes from a choice, yet we also choose to blame everyone and everything but ourselves for our problems. We blame news for making us depressed, we blame our friends for the fights we get into, and we blame teachers for our bad grades. While in hindsight, we could have not clicked on that story, we didn’t have to respond to a nasty text, and we could have easily studied more for that test. All of those events can be traced back to a choice.

The thing about this world is we like our choice, we like being in control of our own life. So, when things like facebook changing what you see or google showing two completely different things for two different people, it angers us. When in reality, these things make our lives better. Instead of getting stuff we would just scroll over, we get something we actually want to see. But there is one other thing getting in the way, our pride. People will always choose to do what it “socially acceptable.” This is why people will tell you they want veggies, but eat donuts . Why people will say they want hard news, but really look at gossip. Its also why people wouldn’t choose the option listed above. For one, deep down they know it's creepy and they don’t want to support something like that. Number two, people don’t want their feed to be full of their embarrassing likes.

The thing about all of this world of choice is we really don’t have choice at all, we may feel like we are determining our choices ( which on a level we are) , but in truth our choices are already predetermined. We are going to choose what makes us seem “ cool” or “normal”. So even if you are given a million choices, chances are you are going to choose whatever your friends choose, or what most people would choose. All of this becomes a very big problem is when the choice narrows down to the choice of an opinion. I have found myself agreeing with my friends out of sheer will not to argue or seem “ mean”. People claim they don’t like people who agree with everything, but chances are they have made the choice not to share their true opinion with their friends. This is where anonymous chat rooms fit in. These opinions don’t have a face behind them, so people let all their options show. They don’t feel that obligation anymore to be “nice” or “ not to argue. That's why I kind of like the internet becoming a non-anonymous place. When you give people the choice not to be known, seriously messed up things happen.  

Like I said before, we are our choices. The thing I am scared about for the future, is who we are going to become. The world, I feel, is full of false choices. Choices we think we are making, but in truth was determined for us way before we ever knew we would have to make it. Our friends, society, and our parents are such a big part of choices we make, and we don’t want to let our loved ones down. So the real question is, is who we are determined by us, or the feelings of the people around us?   

Friday, March 18, 2016

Busy Folks Gain Access to Journalism

The face of journalism is changing indefinitely. No longer will we see newspapers giving the news every day, and what we will see is still unknown. As of right now I can still see my father sitting at the kitchen table reading the Sunday newspaper, but how much longer I will see that I don’t know.  Newspapers are definitely in trouble, and their downfall comes from something all too familiar to all of us, smartphones.

The world of journalism is definitely moving towards handheld devices, such as apps. In the class presentations one app stuck out to me, the one that involved a profile. People love anything social media these days, they eat it up. It allows people to connect, share, and personalize their news feed. One thing that also stuck out to me about this concept was the fact that people can see what you viewed and commented on. These days people are hypocritical and mean, it's just the truth. They say they want hard core news, but then they read the celebrity gossip. People can post mean comments with their boisterous opinions anonymously without feeling wrong about it. But in this app there is a face and name next to these comments and this changes things. This could cause people to actually get real hard core news, and hate comments could diminish. I think this is a real possibility of what journalism will look like in the future.

People these days, especially in America, are all about convenience. They want stuff done fast. One reason I feel like news agencies are getting into trouble is because they don’t give people the news quickly and efficiently. Americans these days “ don’t have time” to sit down and read the newspaper or to watch the news. That's why I feel like the future of journalism isn’t going to be these forms, it's going to be a little update on your phone that gives you the news and you can slide for more information.

The project we had to do for the future of journalism really made me think about the mind of an average person. Sure I had a general idea of what a person would like and not like but to do this project right I really had to think like them and deeply consider how the average person would react the idea I had. After this I think I have a better grasp about what the world of journalism is really going to look like. Also, when considering what people would look for if the did read a story, it can’t be long and daunting. The page also can’t be busy, I know for me when I go onto a page with ads all over the place and a long story pops up I just want to look away and stop reading.

To sum everything up the future of journalism is taking a step towards a simpler more efficient process, something that will allow folks who claim not to have enough time to gain access to the news. But this could make some people change their whole business venture, or even cause some to shut down, the future of this industry is still a bit unclear but I’m excited to see what it is.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Changes to Jourlism are coming, but are they for bad or for good?

Every time someone whispers to you, “ did you hear about that one thing that that one person did”, the very basic version of journalism is happening. It might not be the glorified version, where there is research and fact checking ( there's definitely no fact-checking). But that person did find something newsworthy and shared it with other people, which is the core of journalism. People are talking about the death of journalism coming soon, but personally I believe that journalism has a lot of time left. The day that everyone is living in a bubble, not sharing any news, is the day that journalism will die. Now, that does not mean journalism won’t change. With smartphone apps like wcco mobile , and even a news app built into your phone the news is just a click away. The thing about this new, fast version of journalism is its lacking something.

Personally I watch the news to actually get some emotion and depth while finding out about the news. Yes, I am a huge firm believer that words have the power to change, but facts don’t. This new form is more of a convenience thing, of course people are going to be sad when they get an update saying there was a school shooting. But they still turn towards the TV to find out all the facts, they also watch to see the people affected. They seen the scene, and how sad everyone is. They get the news, but they get the news with depth. Though people can watch the news segments on their phone, little do and this leaves the people with mindless facts about a horrible event. I possibly want to go into a career in journalism when I am older, and I don’t want my job to be writing facts in logical order. I may not be on TV, so I probably will end up writing my stories. But I want my stories to have depth, like writing for the Hoofprint. When I read the stories on I often find myself wanting to find out more about the topic. Sometimes that does happen when I click on the news stories on my phone, but more often than not I don’t.      

Another problem with today's news, is it's stuff I don’t really care about, yeah I am just a kid and the stories I find interesting are not the same as adults. But journalism should make people feel some emotion, and when you right about mindless things people do not feel anything. I scrolled through the Kare 11 homepage and found a lot of really interesting newsworthy stories, and I also found out about a girl getting impaled by a basketball court. I will probably forget about this story by tonight, just another fact that goes in and out of my head. I know that they need so many stories, but I don’t know if this is one that belongs on the homepage of a major news agencies website.

Recently, the concept of virtual reality was brought before me. The whole idea of it is to transfer people to an alternate reality, one they subconsciously believe is real. It transports people to Syria, to see the pain and violence going on there. To me, in theory, this could be amazing. Virtual reality would succeed in doing one of the most important things in journalism, it would make people feel something. It could make people cry at the sight of Syrian’s dying, people could experience major sporting events in their own home while feeling like they are there. This could change everything, but at what cost?

At first virtual reality sounds like a brilliant revolutionary thing, and it is. I would one day love to experience a virtual reality one day. But things like the iPhone, and laptops that seem like just another everyday item, where also one revolutionary.  I’m not trying to say that these things aren't really cool pieces of technology, what I am trying to say is that people will eventually depend on virtual reality. As a teenage girl, I know the frustration of your parents yelling at you to get of your phone. You think, what is the big deal. The big deal is, all of your attention is going towards something not human. Yes, their is a human on the other end of all those texts and all those posts, but they aren’t in your presence.

Eventually, virtual reality will become a dependency for some people. Especially people who are bullied, or struggle with body-image. People will use virtual reality to escape from real life, and this could have even bigger consequences than things like the iPhone. The people who use virtual reality to escape could one day decide that they would rather live in that world then this one. And who knows what this would cause.

Journalism itself  has always been a very important thing to me. I am the kind of person that always needs to know what's happening, where it happened, and why it happened. I make it a habit to try watch the nightly news every night so I can catch up on what's going on, and actually see what's going on at the scene of the event. I also want to be a journalist or some form of writer when I am older. I see all of these changes in store for this piece of writing that’s no near and dear to me, and I am very excited, but also very nervous to see what the world of journalism will be like when I enter the workforce. Will I be at scenes getting facts, or getting information for a virtual reality people will tune into. I guess only time will tell.